Your Existential Time

TimeThey say there is somewhere a special village. That village has a cemetery, just like any other village. The difference is that, if you look at the tombstones, you can see that everybody who was buried there lived a very short life. A couple of days or months or years… You have the strong impression that you’re walking through a children’s cemetery.

In fact, that is a normal graveyard. It’s enough to ask any villager and they will confirm it. In that area they have a unique tradition: instead of writing on the burial stones the year of birth and the year of death, the community calculates the actual time the deceased one lived. They do this by remembering the moments of joy and happiness, the moments when the late one lived a meaningful life, then they add all those moments and they mark the result on the tombstone. The result is often expressed in a couple of months or 2-3 years. And that result is acknowledged as the actual time that person lived. The rest is insignificant time and is disregarded.

I don’t know where that village is. And I don’t remember who told me about its existence. And in fact, that village might not exist at all. But if you’d be a member of that community, how many days do you think they might mark on your tombstone if you were to die today?

Each of us knows his/her respective existential age. It’s one of our best kept secrets. Some of us probably have never asked themselves this question. Others fearfully avoided it. But for those having the courage of an answer, it’s a great opportunity of change.

Ever asked yourself what’s the real age of your partner or the one of your loved ones?

How many seconds did you add to your real age today?

When was the last time you added at least one second to your existential time?


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