Orient - Occident

One of my assets during this lifetime is the possibility to take several stances and see reality from different perspectives. I lived abroad, then returned home, then abroad has become my new home and home has become abroad. I am fluent in 3 languages and this gives me a huge perceptive horizon. I worked both as psychiatrist, doing medicine and prescribing drugs, but also as psychotherapist, facing psychological issues. It is not much but it isn’t little.

If you look at the photo of this article, you can see 2 perspectives. The first woman hides her beauty, is unable to speak but has the eyes open. The second one shows pretty much everything nature has given to her, but she’s blinded; she can speak but her words will likely have nothing to do with the reality around her.

This is my perception of this world, and the European zone in particular. In the East I met so many interesting people, very intelligent ones. Highly creative, clairvoyants, they could make use of their skills to help the world evolve. They are somewhere, hidden, their skills are wasted little by little and they die, silently, not having the opportunity to shine and contribute to the humanity. On the other hand, here in the West I see people enjoying life to the fullest, protecting nature, showing an incredible sophistication in every aspect of the sensorial existence, yet remaining oblivious to the suffering happening just around the corner, some thousand kilometers farther.

Sometimes it’s annoying to see lives wasted in the Orient, but it is equally intolerable to see the lack of vision of the Occident.

When I was in Romania I was struggling to educate my patients to add structure to their lives, using really tough existential tools and reframing their realities. I was using a lot of leadership elements to connect them, to make them work together, to delicately inspire them to make plans and execute them. Now in France I’m doing a totally different work: I break shields of rationalizations, I teach emotional expression by my own example, exaggerating reactions, shocking nearly everyone. I force empathy, as walking in the other one’s shoes is really difficult for the folks here. And I constantly, even aggressively push the button of creativity.

There is something called trans-cultural psychology. This involves avoiding judgment of no matter who is in front of you and using different hierarchies of values for different geographical areas. I find this very interesting but equally tiresome… It’s like being a constant translator between 2 worlds – like an explorer in an alien world trying to intermediate contacts between civilizations. But I find that change is necessary for both worlds if they are to live together in peace and harmony. And for this, the image above with the two radical attitudes, should become history…

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