You Listen

You Listen“I need yet another couple of months and I’m finally done with poverty!”

This rings a bell in me.

I look at my friend and, for the first moments I’m not getting it. He’s smiling at me. He must be kidding…

I mean, he’s in good health, he has a wife and a kid, he’s one of the smartest guys I ever met in this life and a truly inspiring human being… He’s also very entrepreneurial and is part of that thin layer of the society that has a huge income compared to the rest. Is he joking? Or is he just saying this to see my reaction? I decide to say nothing and I absent-mindedly smile looking in another direction for some moments. Then I notice his eyes looking towards a future that is yet to come.

There are a couple of issues with his statement.

First, the future does not exist. The future is a thought arising in our head. All the intuitives live in the future so it’s hard for us to grasp the present moment and value it and live it. This needs exercise. We’re often blinded by always living in the future and we don’t see what we already have in the present. Saying that we’re now on the edge of poverty while the record shows we’re in fact reasonably rich is a severe distortion of reality so as to fit our inner image.

Second, poverty means different things for different people. I use the inner rule that “if my health is at optimum levels and my brain/mind isn’t severely damaged, I am decently rich”. The rest adds to this. I know handicapped persons who have an even more minimalist definition of being rich, for instance a person in a wheelchair would have to redefine what “optimal health” means. So, according to my definition, and compared to the average individual, my friend is outrageously rich. Yet he sees himself poor enough to acknowledge it loudly.

And this brings me to the third issue I want to cover: the inner script. If you are poor in your mind, you remain poor in your outer life. No matter how much you gather, you’re still poor and behave like a poor. This goes by the rules of the inferiority complex: the more you fight, the worse it gets; the more you flight, the worse it gets; once you’re aware of it, acceptance is the key.

The inner script can be seen either in Fromm’s terms (negative motivation, fear of something that pushes us instead of pulling us) or in Berne’s terms (transactional analysis). It follows emotional rules and requires experiencing, failures and suffering so as to be changed. It’s the process happening in the story of the deep hole (see the menu of my blog); at some point and after a while, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich, other things become more important and the focus shifts.

I didn’t say a word to my friend. Why bother someone with my insight? I am not a teacher or a guru and I’m not in the position of offering advices while I have my own issues. But I felt I need to vent this on my blog, as this poverty issue is a commonly seen problem.

The article has a photo with a quote on it. It’s a principle by which go both the positive affirmations (that some people frequently repeat as some sort of mantras) and the hypnotic suggestions. A frequently repeated statement tends to become reality. This is one way through which both good and bad inner scripts reinforce themselves. I have my own idiocies that I unconsciously repeat to myself but I try to stay calm and keep myself all the time in a state of awareness (I pay attention to both the outer world and my inner world of ideas, emotions and physical sensations). This is the only way I know though which you can keep an eye on your nasty scripts and deepen your experience at the same time. So, every time you speak, speak as if there is an unseen witness in the room; that witness is you.

As a conclusion, I’d like to say that both poverty and richness are illusions. Neither do we own our life, which was given either by a superior force or by chance (depending on your belief), nor our body which was borrowed from Earth. It’s just like one of my good friends used to say… we’ve got nothing; we’ve got nothing to lose.

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