Pirate Party vs. Monsanto

Among the photos I added yesterday in the Saarland album on my CloudMe account (link available in my previous post) you could find an interesting image: a protest in front of Europa Galerie of Saarbrucken. I repost the photo below.

Saarbrucken Monsanto

Most of the ones reading my blog don’t know it, but I am a long time supporter of the Greens. And I will remain so for the rest of my life, as I believe protecting the wildlife, climate change and the environment are top priorities for everyone having at least 2 neurons in their head. Left or right, liberal, democrat, republican, etc. are notions that have no meaning in an apocalyptic climate scenario.

Monsanto is a topic each “green” has come into contact with several times at least. Genetically modified food. A solution for a growing population and a great way to make easy money at the cost of people’s health (think obese people or autism, for instance). In principle, I am not against making money more efficiently, but when Life is traded for this, the entire story is on a crash course with my values.

The Pirate Party is also known by those who surf the internet for some time. Pirate Bay? Torrents? Free movies? Rings a bell? A-ha! What’s wonderful is that in Germany the Pirate Party is quite strong and managed to get some hundred people on the street of Saarbrucken. Not sure if it wasn’t a common protest with the Greens, but the Pirate flags were the most easily recognizable. Quite hippie, quite colored, quite skinny, but vocal and motivated. I would have loved to stay and listen to their speech, but I don’t know German…

I am fortunate to live in an area of strong ecological movements. Both Saarland and Baden-Württemberg had or still have the Greens and the Pirates in their local governments. This guarantees an oasis of good life and plurality of opinions. I mean, if you wander around Saarbrucken or Stuttgart, you will see only hills covered with rich forests. Green, lots of green… So it comes natural…

For your information, I add below an image with the partners of Monsanto. Just click to enlarge the image and look in detail and see how everything is connected. It’s a frightening reality, bordering conspiracy theories.



One thought on “Pirate Party vs. Monsanto

  1. Oh Cezar! I absolutely loved this post! The map is very good. I do not think I have seen that one before. As a long time “Green”, long time “hippie”, long time protestor, it is a great honor to be friends with someone with the same philosophy who is on the other side of the world! I am in the process of writing you personally but it may become another book! ; ) Peace and light! Rosie


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