The Room

Felicity Rogers - Eleventh HourSomehow, I entered this room.

People, many people in a middle of a dispute… Everyone seems to know the truth, everyone seem to be in good command of their own life… Many are experts in others’ lives. Some have doubts, other have certitudes. Some can see with clarity, others are excellent doers.

I get involved. Some of them attack me, others seek compromise. Some love me, others hate me. For some, I don’t exist. The argument gets passionate often. People fight for their beliefs.

I ask who started the dispute. Nobody knows. They got, at some point, in the room, and since then, this is an on-going story. I ask what the initial issue was. Nobody knows.

I notice that some people are leaving the room. The dispute continues. New people come, old people leave. Some stay for a couple of moments, others seem to be there since time immemorial.

I stop.

I look around me, at this huge room.

I want to get out. I’m tired of all this. I need some time off. The dispute is futile.

I find some lines on a wall, probably written by someone long ago.

I read them.

1. Everything lasts for a period, sadly, good things, and fortunately, bad things alike.
2. It may not make a difference if you were right or wrong after you leave the room.
3. Once you leave the room, you might or might not remember what you learned, felt, sensed or did.
4. You have to leave the room at some point. Imagine the horror of not being able to depart.
5. You might not be able to foresee when you are to leave.

Image is copyright (c) Felicity Rogers –


2 thoughts on “The Room

    • I don’t know Sartre, but I saw the metaphor on the net (it was an introduction to some philosophical discussion). I wouldn’t see it as “no exit”, but rather like “what would be the meaning of our passage through this existence”.
      On a different note, I was wondering what happened to you, Rosie, and why you’re not as active as you used to be on the net. Or is just me who, at my turn, have limited time now and a different perception of it!? Hope all is well with you.


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