Cathédrale de Strasbourg

Cathédrale de Strasbourg is one of the places of this world that I’m particularly attached to.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg

It acts as my symbol for Strasbourg and it is the place where I like to return again and again.

Cathédrale Strasbourg side S down

Over the years I took many photos of it; as a tourist in 2007, then as resident of Alsace in 2012, and now as resident of Moselle.

Cathédrale Strasbourg portal

Some numbers: it is the sixth tallest church in the world, the highest structure built entirely in the Middle Ages and the second highest cathedral in France.

Cathédrale Strasbourg side N

Here is a detail of the gothic façade, next to a typical Alsatian building.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg detail

You may ask why it has only one tower; they couldn’t afford the second one.

Cathédrale Strasbourg side S up

One of the most beautiful and most mysterious views of the cathedral. Just like the main railway-station of Strasbourg, you can find here the same alien contrast between several types of buildings, as if they come from different worlds…

Cathédrale Strasbourg

I opened a new photo album for Alsace. There you can find many more images, as I’m not uploading them all on my blog:


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