Transcendental, We

A recurring theme in my life… are our lives our own?

I saw again the Cloud Atlas movie a couple of days ago… Found myself pondering on the atheistic view versus the spiritual one…

Neuroscience says we don’t consciously own our decisions, so there is no free-will and no responsibility. Decisions are taken in our unconscious mind several seconds before we perceive them in our conscious mind.

Spirituality says that we do not live; we are being lived. We are trans-dimensional beings, living simultaneously in several times and several dimensions.

I don’t know what to say…

But my life experience showed me that, unseen, hidden beyond the details of every day life, there is a force ruling our lives, making things happen and people meeting at certain moments, people that seem strangely familiar. I don’t know if this force is God, our Higher Spirit, our Life Script (Transactional Analysis) or The Matrix 🙂

This is a mystery that will remain so for the rest of my life…

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