On the Border

Have a look at the image below!
It looks like a simple street in a town. In fact, it’s a bridge over a river. To the right, you can see the exit sign…
Germany 1
Take a closer look…
Germany 2
And then, closer…
Germany 3
Do you see something unusual?
France 1
You walk over the bridge and you look back. You see 2 smaller signs...
France 2
You get closer to one of them and you notice that it’s written in a different language.
You look in the opposite direction and see nothing abnormal…
Germany 4
It’s a totally trivial, insignificant experience.

In fact, you’ve just crossed the border from France to Germany.

I can tell you it’s an emotional experience you can have nowhere else…
… given the fact that you can be killed…
… if you cross other borders of this world…

I am grateful to be allowed to cross the border so easily.


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