La Follia

Folia is one of the oldest European musical themes, an obsessive rhythm that is likely going to haunt you for some days. Below there are 4 versions, all of them performed by Jordi Savall and his orchestra. Enjoy!

Arcangelo Corelli – Sonata 12, Opus 5. (bonus some Diego Velázquez paintings)

Antonio Vivaldi – Sonata No. 12 in D minor “La Follia”, RV 63, Op. 1.

Marin Marais – Folies d’Espagne, Pièces de viole for 1 and 2 viols, Book II.


4 thoughts on “La Follia

  1. Also Henry Purcell in Dido & Aeneas — but there ought to have been a song that theme came from, shouldn’t there have been(?) There was, but it’s lost? Or was this theme just played at wild Spanish parties until it caught on elsewhere?


    1. All I know is that it’s an old musical theme that can be found in several countries and appears in many musical works of many composers. It’s a typical rhythm and when you hear it, you know it’s a follia. Same happens when you hear a fandango for instance; you recognise it if you previously heard it.


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