EmotionsFew people dare to speak or write about emotions, because they are difficult to express by words. Logic is easy…

Here I make available a synthesis I made from Wikipedia of the huge array of human emotions. The classification is approximate; the aim is not analytic, but demonstrative.

For some emotions and for my Romanian readers, I provide a Romanian translation.





The Emotion of Love
– Affection – Adoration, Liking, Attraction, Caring, Compassion
– Lust / Sexual Desire – Arousal (a stârni), Desire, Passion
– Longing (dor)

The Emotion of Joy
– Cheerfulness (veselie) – Amusement, Bliss, Joviality, Delight, Enjoyment, Happiness, Satisfaction, Ecstasy, Euphoria
– Zest (însufleţire) – Enthusiasm, Excitement, Thrill
– Contentment (mulţumire) – Pleasure
– Pride – Triumph
– Optimism – Eagerness (nerăbdare), Hope
– Enthrallment (înrobire, subjugare) – Rapture (exaltare)
– Relief (uşurare, alinare)

The Emotion of Surprise
– Surprise – Amazement (uimire), Astonishment (uluială)

The Emotion of Anger
– Irritation – Agitation, Annoyance (iritare, deranj), Grumpiness (morocănos, ţâfnos, bosumflat)
– Exasperation – Frustration
– Rage – Anger, Fury, Wrath (mînie), Hostility, Ferocity, Bitterness (amărăciune), Hate, Vengefulness (răzbunare), Dislike, Resentment (ranchiună)
– Disgust – Contempt (dispreţ, sfidare), Loathing (scărbă, silă)
– Envy – Jealousy
– Torment

The Emotion of Sadness
– Suffering – Agony, Hurt, Anguish (chin)
– Sadness – Depression, Despair, Hopelessness, Grief (necaz), Sorrow (părere de rău), Woe (durere), Misery, Melancholy, Unhappiness
– Disappointment – Dismay (spaimă, exasperare), Displeasure (nemulţumire)
– Shame – Guilt, Regret, Remorse
– Neglect – Alienation, Isolation, Loneliness, Rejection, Homesickness, Defeat, Insecurity, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Insult
– Sympathy (compătimire) – Pity (milă)

The Emotion of Fear
– Horror – Shock, Terror, Panic
– Nervousness (nelinişte, nervozitate) – Anxiety, Apprehension (aşteptare încordată), Worry (îngrijorare), Dread (înspăimântare)

Basic emotions (in opposite couples):
Joy – Sadness
Fear – Anger
Disgust – Trust
Surprise – Anticipation

Mixed emotions (some examples, in opposite couples):
Optimism = Anticipation + Joy ≠ Disappointment = Surprise + Sadness
Love = Joy + Trust ≠ Remorse = Sadness + Disgust
Submission (supunere) = Trust + Fear ≠ Contempt (sfidare) = Disgust + Anger
Awe (copleşire) = Fear + Surprise ≠ Aggressiveness = Anger + Anticipation

Note that there are thoughts that are mistaken for emotions (in psychotherapy we differentiate them) like guilt or shame.

4 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Thanks for this article Cezar. Interesting coincidence- I am teaching words about feelings/ emotions to my 10th graders this week. Hope you don’t mind if I use your list of emotions to enlarge my students’ vocabulary. (Mine also).


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