The Dream With The Cat

Jungian FunctionsTake a look at this link:

I will copy below an excerpt from the article, which I find insightful for understanding the reactions that are typical for the eight Jungian functions. You may find it a little disturbing…

The following dream is being told by Homer:
I am at home with my family in the evening, when I have to go to work. My car starts okay but begins to lose power soon after I start down the road. It goes slower & slower. I see a small, beautiful cat. She looks hungry. It’s like she’s pulling the car but weakening. I know now I should have fed the cat first. I stop at a store to get cat food. The store has some. I reach into my pockets for cash. No money, I can’t buy anything.

This is how people are likely to react, using their first (most developed) Jungian function:
Extraverted sensation (Se) might merge with the image and exclaim, “Whoa! That is one beautiful, strong cat,” and want to pet the magnificent creature.
– Introverted sensation (Si) might say, “A cat cannot pull a car. This is not real.” Here, the facts of the dream do not match the internalized facts.
– Extraverted thinking (Te) might say, “It would be better if Homer had fed the cat before starting to drive,” using clear language to lay out a better plan.
– Introverted thinking (Ti) might say, “That’s a sublimely inefficient mode of transport,” dryly identifying the problem and revealing the Ti search for a logical solution.
– Extraverted feeling (Fe) might express current collective values by asking, “Shouldn’t we call the Animal Rights League? We must not permit the abuse of cats.”
– Introverted feeling (Fi) might say, “The poor cat! I wouldn’t want to pull that car; I hope the cat’s okay,” expressing how “I” would feel if “I” were walking in the cat’s paws.
– Extraverted intuition (Ne) might imagine into the immediate future, “I reckon Homer will soon be either taking a cab to his office or walking back home.”
– Introverted intuition (Ni) might find a remote analogy, such as, “I see the mice pulling the pumpkin in Cinderella. Is the cat Homer’s princess-within?”

You can read more about the MBTI typology here, and get used to recognize the functions here.

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