The Judging Bias

Who knowsAssumption:
“We know, at any given moment in our life, what is good and what is bad for us”.

Now look at the image and tell me:
Are the stairs going up or down?


This is the bias of judging things.

You can’t possibly know, but you think you know. Your convictions will tell you that they go up (if you have a positive outlook on life) or go down (if you’re a pessimistic person). Your logical reasoning (cognitive knowledge) can’t help you, so you’re using your emotional reasoning (faith, belief) so as to fill the empty space, fill the “… … …” life is offering to you.

My friend, you perceive some stairs! Going up or going down is entirely your own interpretation! Moreover, the outcome of going up, respectively going down, is another interpretation, added on top of the first one.

This is how you end up in Hell!

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