I Had a Dream

This is my 100th blogpost on WordPress and yesterday the website told me that my account is 1 year old. Time passes…
Today is also my last day in my hometown of Galati. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way back to Cluj-Napoca. I’m returning there for the 5th time during my life. Inexplicable, absurd… Questions about free-will are crossing my mind…
During the last 6 months I tried to go abroad by all possible means. I went to an interview in Switzerland, in French. Then I went to Scotland, English this time. It was a struggle. And it was in vain.
Here I am, starting a new job back in Cluj, still in Romania. A job that is throwing me on a constant road between 2 cities, cutting hard from my personal time.

Why is this happening to me?

I had a dream. I had a dream to live in Vancouver, Canada. This fueled all my actions and added excitement and enthusiasm every time I was leaving for a new foreign destination. But I was born a Romanian, somewhere hidden in the poor and oppressed East Europe, at the edge of civilization. This was my start and I tried to push my limits to the maximum. It’s not important where you start, it’s important what you do with what is given to you. And I know now that I’ve reached some of my limits. I’ve reached the borderline.

Accepting a fatality is not funny. I will follow my bliss and do the jobs I love. But somewhere in my soul, there is always going to be a nostalgia, a longing for something that could have been… 

Below are some views from what was once my dream…


2 thoughts on “I Had a Dream

  1. Rosie

    My dear friend, I personally do not believe we have limits. I believe we have growth. Sometimes our growth does take us back to where we started. However, that should not be looked at as a failure or of not being good enough. Perhaps it should rather be seen as an opportunity to rest and regroup. To clear our thoughts in order to see more clearly what our next steps might be.


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