Living in the World of Amnesia

Forget the PastMost of us live in a world of amnesia. Despite many books, seminars, workshops, aimed at personal growth, we forget to put the stuff we learn into practice, and more importantly, we forget who we discovered we are. Then, with the occasion of a new book or a new encounter, we blame ourselves for forgetting, thus making things worse.

This world has a way of luring us, of tempting and then trapping us into behaving in a self-forgetting manner. It’s the pressure of our social circle, it’s the constant battle for survival, it’s the fact that everyone is doing the same thing even if pretty much nobody knows what they’re doing.

In a previous article, I was exploring two living modes: one was the surviving mode (driven by perceived dangers and the subsequent fear/anxiety) and the other one was the thriving mode (the opportunity-aware mode). I will focus on the latter and remind you what your abilities are in your second mode, the one you forget almost all the time. These are named the Sage Powers by Shirzad Chamine.

1. You can Empathize! You can show appreciation, compassion and forgiveness, both towards the others AND towards Yourself. You tend to forget this when you fail short of some ideal. Remember that once upon a time we were all children and we remain vulnerable human beings even if we try to pretend to be something else. You are only human!

2. You can Explore! You are driven by curiosity, taste for discovery, you’re fascinated by new things, you’re naturally open to experience. Remember that you have the ability to gather information WITHOUT judging it.

3. You can Innovate! You have the ability to invent out-of-the-box stuff. Don’t be too tough on you when you come up with foolish solutions. Get used NOT TO evaluate what comes out of your imagination; just follow the idea and see where it leads you.

4. You can Navigate! Everyone has an inner compass of personal values and purposes that bring meaning to life. Be aware that despite your strategic way of thinking, your inner compass always has a strong EMOTIONAL part. Always have a vision of where you’re going!

5. You can be Active! You have the ability to be focused and act-out in a CALM and relaxed way. Being scared or stressed is not compulsory while doing something. The more relaxed you are, more efficient you become.

I wrote a sketch of how we actually are. I will revisit this article myself, because, just like everyone else, I’m living in a world of amnesia. But sometimes I forget to do this too. That’s why people create reminders.

Perhaps you’re using already some sort of agenda, calendar, etc. I’m using MyMemorizer at It’s an online service where you can set a reminder and the website is sending an e-mail to your inbox. You set the frequency of the e-mails (daily to yearly).

Most of the things I learned, among them a lot of successes that I tend to forget, are included into various reminders. If there is nobody to tell me “I love you!”, I set up a reminder… just in case… from Me to Myself. If I feel that I’m a bad doctor, I have a reminder of a situation that happened years ago when someone told me how smart I am. If I feel that nobody benefits from the therapy I do with them, I also have a reminder somewhere about someone who radically changed her life because of our interaction. I have reminders about promises I made to myself. I have reminders about things I learned. And I encourage you to use a reminder service not only for your business life, but also for yourself, for your spiritual life.

Because we’re living in a world of amnesia… 


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