Sell this pen!

I’ve chosen the photo of the most ordinary ballpoint pen I could find on the Internet. It’s a black&white photo, there is no brand name on it and it’s one of the most basic designs.

Can you sell it to me?

Sounds provoking if you’re not in the field of sales. I’m not either. But the truth is that we’ve been in sales since we’re born. We had to ask our parents for different toys, then we had to develop strategies to get what we wanted, either straightforward or in a manipulative manner. The truth is that we have everything in us; we just have to learn to use our abilities in a different area.

Around 80% of the people you meet are sensing people, according to the MBTI test, so you have a 4/5 chance to tempt them using a technique that lures their senses. Keep in mind this! Then, remember that 90% of the information we get from the world around us is visual. This makes us vulnerable to techniques activating our other senses. By using your eyes you would probably never consider buying this ordinary pen. But let’s just use an old NLP trick, coming straight from hypnosis (dissociation) and from transactional analysis (double transaction, one between adults and a shadow transaction focused on the inner child).

Allow to you some moments to think how you would sell it before reading the rest of this article…

You say you don’t like it, do you? But have you noticed the shiny black color, a color that adds distinction and elegance to you when you use it in a business meeting? People will probably struggle to see what make it is, and not having any name on it would definitely build up a lot of curiosity. Black is the color widely used by people in top positions and it’s a trademark for confidence and charisma. Also, have you noticed the sparkly silver clip that will add a professional look when it will come out of your shirt when you open your sack coat?
I see that you’re looking at this pen, but you can also hold it in your hand! How does it feel? Can you see how light it is? How comfortable would be to write with it? Can you feel the plastic cover fitting perfectly between your fingers? You may also try it on this piece of paper! Can you feel how smoothly it glides on the paper?
Press the upper tip! Can you hear the distinctive click? It’s the click of the quality, and everyone around you would notice it! And they will also hear how easily it writes on the paper, without the slightest effort…
Have you ever smelled the paste inside the pen? It’s the smell that perhaps reminds you of your youth; it’s a return to better years perhaps… Wouldn’t you enjoy memories from those years in the present? That would definitely help you relax when you’re too stressed and facilitate a recollection of your most personal values…
I can assure you that the paste inside the pen is easy to replace and there is always a great array of choices available, including different other colors. As a consequence, this pen can serve you well over the years as a good friend and will definitely be the witness of wonderful times. I’m sure that it will stay with you for a long time and every time you’d look at it, you would recall beautiful memories…

I could continue with this on many more paragraphs, but you got the picture… I speak to all the senses available, then I go to the past, then in the future. I target emotions and the only rational info is the one about replacing the paste inside. By doing this, the attention of the client is shifting from one sense to the other, then I lure the client to go in the past (in fact he is entering into his own mind) and then in the future (using imagination, or should I say visualization?). Controlled focusing is in fact a mild hypnotic trance. In the end, the client’s brain should look like a Christmas tree full of sparkling lights. And also notice that what I did above was a monologue; the client will surely say extra things about him, on which I can build even more.

There is another perspective on selling the pen the way I did above. Go to this link and follow the 5 domains. You will notice that I gently covered some of them.

2 thoughts on “Sell this pen!

    1. Cezar

      I’ve chosen the example of the pen because it’s one of the simplest things and this makes the selling more difficult. I don’t think I understand what you say…


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