Blog Update

As I said in my first message, this blog is mainly written in English. However, I am under constant pressure from several people to write more articles in Romanian. And this poses a problem, as I already have some English-speaking readers following the blog.
We live in a multicultural & multilingual world. English is widely spoken and that’s why I decided to use it. But yesterday I found out in Edinburgh, Scotland, that my English might not be as good as I thought; I was refused a job, partly on the base that I have poor language skills. Something moved inside me…
You will see blogposts in Romanian from now on (next to the ones in English). They will be found in a separate category in the menu of the blog.


7 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Rosie

    Cezar, as one of your English-speaking friends, I just want you to know I will still look in on your blog, even if only for the pictures!


  2. Cezar

    Thanks! I edited the blogpost today, as I didn’t make myself understood yesterday, probably due to the fact that I was very tired. The blog will largely remain in English, as it’s the universal language. But there will be blogposts in Romanian that will interfere with the ones in English. For my Romanian readers it’s easy, as pretty everyone in Romania knows at least 2 foreign languages and English is widely used. But for the English-speaking readers it might be annoying and I’m aware of this aspect.


  3. tdjmd

    Thank you very much for your kind post and considerated aclaration, Cezar.

    No problem with it, you are the boss in your blog but it feels very nice and speak well of you if introducing in advance the changes you wish to do.

    Enjoy your ideas –have fun! (smile)


  4. Noooooo…. do not punish us because Scots were not fair to you, please.
    Sorry to hear they thought language was your main “lack of competence”. I don’t know what your spoken or professional (medical) English is but you are one of a very few non-Eglish friends I have online who writes a perfect (from my point of view) English. I don’t remember a case when I’d notice any grammar, fluency or other kind of lilnguistic flaw in your articles. Even I, being an Engllish teacher, do not always write so well. As for Scots, not all of them a great English speakers themselves. The person we were in toutch regarding summer language courses for teachers, wrote us letters and instructions in half as good Engllish you master.

    So, with all the respect to your native language and people who speak Romanian, I beg to keep us updated in English, at least from time to time.

    Thank you.


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