Voodoo People

What you’re about to watch is the Pendulum Remix of Voodoo People by The Prodigy. It’s a dramatic metaphor of our life: the start line of life, our inability to foresee the future (eyes covered), the influence of luck and the use of some abilities, among them perseverance.
The absurdity and the toughness of the video seem to have a deep existentialist fingerprint. 

2 thoughts on “Voodoo People

  1. Rosie

    It also says to me that we just run through our lives as fast as we can with no real plan or goal and no real vision of what we are running to or from. We handicap ourselves (arms behind back) with burdens we did not want or don’t know or understand how we got them. We just keep running. Sometimes we hit a wall or something hits us and knocks us down. But we are so stunned this has happened, all we can do is just lay there in shock because, through all of our running, we have been carrying our egos.


    1. Cezar

      Yes, Rosie. I agree. Keep in mind that those people are running so as to get that bag of money – an impermanent value, not a transcendental one.
      As I said, it’s an existentialist view – there is no spiritual guidance, there is no God taking care of the competitors, there isn’t that deep spiritual vision that would act as a guiding force to avoid obstacles. This is how I see the life of the atheist people I sometimes meet; it’s particularly hard for me to find (and activate) in them another driving force, different from Faith, that can lead them through life. But this kind of people does exist. And they need a solution.
      And yes, to me this is a movie from the World of Ego.


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