What browser should I use?

Here is a screenshot of my XP Task Manager, monitoring the CPU usage & memory on my laptop.
WinXP TaskManager Browsers
I consecutively open the internet browsers available on my computer, then My Computer from my desktop. I’ve been an Opera user for many years now, but since Opera is now only a customized Chrome and the old version 12.16 begins to be unusable on many websites, I have to move to a different browser. Now keep in mind that my laptop is an old HP from 2006, that serves me very well but has become very slow due to the amount of memory required for the websites of today.
Where to go?


One thought on “What browser should I use?

  1. I have been a Mac user since the Mac iBook G3. (16 years old now and still clicking). It got to slow and I was using all old tech and unsupported apps. Went to a MacBook Pro. Love it. As to browsers, I still use Opera as it is written specifically for Mac’s. I have used Fire Fox with some success. Fire fox has to many tweaks and can become addictive. I don’t need distractions. Anyway, good luck.


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