Gestalt Explained

Gestalt explained

What do you see in this image?

What you should see are some patches or patterns of back and white. Nothing more. This is “what really is” or “what is”. This is the matrix or the background. This is the reality.

But you see a cup on a plate, right? A cup that is partially lightened and partially in the shadow. This is however something that you mentally constructed; it’s your perception. This is a form, and you were able to make it because you organized the white and black areas into something comprehensible. You were able to do this because you saw, at least once in your lifetime, how a cup looks like.

I might tell you that your perception is biased. In fact, you have little information about that side of the cup that lies in the shadow, yet you managed to create the entire object in your mind. You might believe that there is a cup in the image, while it might only be a façade. You invented information about the cup, you made it up

Same happens with people.

This is the essence of Gestalt. Some say it’s a school of psychotherapy, others say it’s a way of living. A Gestalt lifestyle means that you’re trying to be aware of this game between the background matrix and the forms you’re constructing with your mind. That is… the game between reality and your perceptions. Remember the Matrix (the movie) and the famous quote “there is no spoon”… 

Perhaps some of you have already noticed that there is something else in the image: you can also see a heart. Now you’re not only reconstructing information, you’re also imagining stuff that doesn’t exist, that never existed. Nice, isn’t it? Maybe you have a smile on your face while looking at the little heart… You experience emotions.

Let me see if I understand: you used the matrix to create a form, then you made up an object and imagined something that now creates an emotion in you and perhaps you’re even thinking to save this image for the next Valentine’s Day, this meaning that you might even act-out. Can you see where we started and where we might end up?!

Now, after you’ve finished reading my text, please raise your eyes for a couple of seconds and look around you. See the objects surrounding you and perhaps the persons around you. Experience what you see as a background matrix, without making judgments, without making up information, without imaging something that doesn’t exist. Deny your access to your own memory and watch the space around you as if you’re seeing it for the first time. It’s an eerie feeling… What’s happening with you? You’re in the “here and now”. There is no future because you’re not projecting anything. There is no past because you’ve just blocked memory access. You are now living in the Present.

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