The Story of Master Mantis

Patience… one of the most difficult abilities to master, especially when this adds to ambiguity and lack of control. I met again and again in my life situations that trapped me into prolonged waiting times. Below is a video from Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five. It’s the story of Master Mantis.

What you’re seeing in the film, is a mismatch between the own personal existential time and the time of the outer world. It’s a glitch in the perception of time. The more responsible you become for your existence, the more your existential time accelerates, because you become aware that your time is limited, one day you’re going to die and you have decided to do a lot of things until then. Not everyone is like this; some people are more on the “enjoying” side of life, but those who are on the “executive” side are haunted all the time by… Time.

At some point, you’ll realize that I’m a deeply symbolical guy. If you look at the address of this blog, you see “cezarspace“. When you open the website, you’re somehow forced to think from the title that it’s “CezarSpace“. But inquisitive minds will see the other, hidden, possibility: “Cezar’sPace“. Pace means a lot of things: speed, time, movement, rhythm, timing. The name of the blog is a quiet reminder of the recurring story of the mantis in my own life.


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