Jón Gnarr

I follow for some time his page… quite an interesting guy, definitely someone open-minded and a challenge for the mainstream thought. Comedian, then politician, then mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland.

He inspired me to add a new page to this blog, a translation in English of Tao Te Ching by Laozi:

Below is a quote I found yesterday on his page, something that touched me profoundly. I warn you that it contains both “strong” language and intense emotions.

“There is no meaning to life. Life does not make any sense. Therefore there can not be any sensible answers. Life is suffering. We are born to die, stuck here on the Blue dot. There is sickness and pain all over and justice seems to be only in fiction. While Philip Seymour Hoffman dies alone Bashar al-Assad seems to be fine. If there was a god he would have a sick sense of humour. The world is controlled and ruled by bullies. If you get in their way they deal with you. They are mostly clever but many are also idiots. They are all evil but in different ways. No wonder so many people are lost when Ronald McDonald seems to be the greatest philosopher alive and the Catholic church is our oldest institution. Can you say Syria out loud without crying? No wonder so many good people just give up, take the needle, or even worse, their own life. Fuck that! Fuck it! Fuck all you evil, selfish bullies who poison our minds and manipulate our lives for your own good. Fuck all you religious fanatics wherever you are. Fuck your power games your woman fear and your homophobia, your ridiculous dresses and your silly ideas about sin. You are The Sin. Your god is Hate. What you seek is power and sex. Mostly sex. Politics is dead. But there is hope. We have science. There is beauty and truth. And than there is love. We have love. We have empathy. There is no nationality, no gender or race. Only human. We are one. We are family. And we should try to stick together. Share more and care more. But don’t take life to seriously, it’s way to serious for that. Have fun. That’s the only way. Fight the bullies but never get violent because then you become just like them. The only thing they don’t know how to deal with is non-violence and humour. The world is begging for more kindness, more peace and more fun. We are all tired of the bullies. Love is the only way. And love is not an idea. It is not a feeling. Love is only action. So stop looking for some system. You are a system, a love machine. Be you. You are the only You there is. Use it for good.”


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