Interview Questions

Some time ago, I attended a lecture about the steps to get your dream job. Among many interesting facts, the way the lecture began really caught my eye.
The lecturer asked 4 simple questions:

What is your name?
Where are you coming from?
What is that particular thing that you’re best at?
What is that particular thing you like to do most?

I really enjoyed this simple way of assessing a potential candidate and I vowed I’ll use it if given the chance in the future.

The first question opens the discussion. It’s the first name, not the surname. In English, the word “you” is similar at singular and plural, but in other languages there is a difference of openness. For instance, in French, you have “tu” versus “vous”, and the way you speak can be a very formal one.

The second question identifies you. You belong to a place, you have a hometown, you come from somewhere, you have roots somewhere. In extremis, you have a country. You’re not dropped from the sky.

The third question is about your achievement, about your profession – rationally chosen. It might be about your ambition, it might be about the chance you had. It’s mainly a chosen aspect. It tells me your strong point or points. You can elaborate on the question. I see your persona.

The 4th question is however the tricky part. Your answer tells me about your secret desire, about the real passion you have, about your innate ability. Usually here I find your secret. It’s your emotional side.

~ Thanks Gabriel Prefac.

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